Don Altae Shares Impressive New Single “Shades Of Blue”

Emerging artist Don Altae shares impressive new single “Shades Of Blue.”

Previously known as Dino B.A.M, R&B singer, songwriter and producer Don Altae has deep roots in the Washington DC area and has written alongside the likes of Wale, Tone P, Black Cobain, Young Moe and many more pioneering DC artists in the past. His latest offering “Shades Of Blue” is his fourth single of 2021, and his best release thus far. His vocals are stunning and float beautifully over the excellent R&B production, giving listeners early Frank Ocean vibes. Lyrically, the song revolves around a metaphoric sound and lyrical depiction of a deep love interest— melodic and beautifully written. Whereas many songs within the same genre sound generic with lacklustre It’s safe to say Don Altae has found his sound; one that will resonate with many listeners out there. Press play and add this gem to your playlists.

Stream “Shades Of Blue” below:

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