Dirtsa — Give It Right Back

French-Cameroonian artist Dirtsa returns with new single “Give It Right Back”

The 23 year-old Toulouse-based singer, songwriter and rapper Dirtsa got our attention towards the end of 2020 with the impressive “Meghan Markle”— a motivational and melodic rap track that includes the memorable line: ‘I only do business, I don’t do chit chat.’ — thinking of getting that tattooed on my body one day.

Originally from Douala, Cameroon, it’s difficult to box Dirtsa in one particular genre— afro-trap, rap, R&B, she does it all. As a French-Congolese living in London, UK, it always puts a smile on my face seeing a French speaking artist of African origin write, sing or rap in English, and Dirtsa does that so well. And she touches on important topics such as racial injustice around the world, the adversity immigrants face on a daily basis, pain, love and being an underdog.

“Sic Parvis Magna” was the follow up single to “Meghan Markle”, and since then she has been covered by notable outlets such as Rap Nation, Ones to Watch, Early Rising, Fashionably Early and many more. She’s back with the stunning new single “Give It Right Back”— her best release thus far. Lyrically, she bares her soul and shows vulnerability as she sings about unrequited love. Once again proving she’s more than a rapper, Dirtsa’s vocal performance over the gorgeous production instantly draws you in. Most listeners will be able to resonate with this song.

Stream “Give It Right Back” below:

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