Delilah Holliday Releases Debut EP ‘Collective Consciousness’

London-based artist Delilah Holliday releases captivating debut EP Collective Consciousness.

Last year during the first UK National Lockdown I stumbled on the amazing London-based singer, songwriter and producer Delilah Holliday’s music. I instantly fell in love with her release “If You Care”, and according to Stats for Spotify, it’s already in my top 50 most played songs of all time! I’ve been keeping up with her releases ever since, and I was buzzing with excitement when she announced her debut EP Collective Consciousness a few weeks ago. Although she may not be a big name to most people, both her own solo work and her political punk rock band Skinny Girl Diet, has helped Delilah gain respect as an artist from many creatives in and around London. She’s a breath of fresh air in an industry filled with samey artists who create samey music that we’re often forced to listen to.

On her debut EP she delivers and she delivers big from start to finish— every single song is amazing. Blessed with one of the most breathtaking voices in music today, her vocals float beautifully over the eclectic beats. It’s hard to define the genre of this EP— she combines multiple such as alternative R&B, electronic music, soul, dance and so on. She does it so effortlessly, showcasing her immense potential as well as showcasing her own unique sound and brilliant songwriting. Collective Consciousness is a captivating EP which reminds me of artists such as FKA Twigs, Sevdaliza and Tsar B. However, what’s really fascinating about Delilah is that her voice reminds me a little of the late Amy Winehouse in some songs. Standout single “Delilah The Spider (No Beginnings)” is perfect for gatherings, parties or even solo raves.

“If You Care”

“Goddess Energy”

“Falling Into Place”

Stream Collective Consciousness below:

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Photo Credit: Margot Bowman

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