Darci Unveils New Single “Last Call”

Emerging artist Darci unveils new single “Last Call”.

It’s no secret that Darci has been one of my favourite artists in the past few years— in fact four years ago I accidentally stumbled on his debut single “Come Around” on SoundCloud and have never looked back. Not many artists have been as consistent as the mysterious act. His latest offering “Last Call” is another captivating gem that will be met with a warm reception by fans, as well as appeal to fans who have never heard of his music before. Built over an electronic-centred production filled R&B and trap vibes, “Last Call” is arguably Darci’s most vibrant releases— it sounds perfect for radio. With a more upbeat production by friend and longtime collaborator Rance Riley, Darci continues to showcase his infectiously catchy rap-sung melodic vocals and it’s another bop which will generate a buzz for his forthcoming project.

Stream “Last Call” below:

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