Dani Sylvia Bares Her Soul On “Madly”

Dani Sylvia bares her soul on emotionally-charged “Madly”.

As weird as this sounds, there’s something beautiful about emotionally-driven songs. Certain artists have this special gift that makes people feel a particular emotion. Singer-songwriter Dani Sylvia does that on her recently released single “Madly”. She delivers a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance on a song that details her moving out of the home she shared with her partner of four years after a painful breakup. Despite its length and sad vibes, the song is engaging and in a way despite the feelings of anger, heartbreak and disappointment, she looks back on some of the most beautiful and enriching memories of her life. If you’re into the likes of Imogen Heap and Bon Iver, you’re going to love “Madly”.

“It’s a message of thankfulness for the pain which, in itself, meant that the love was real.” She continued, “It’s an acknowledgement that when we adore another human we take the risk of being so vulnerable that we could be forever scarred”Dani Sylvia.

Stream “Madly” below:

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