Dani Le Rose Unveils New Single “The Maze (Feeling That Feeling Without You)”

Canadian singer-songwriter Dani Le Rose amazed us back in January with her outstanding single “Shellshock”, she’s back with a brand new single titled “The Maze (Feeling That Feeling Without You)” — a more upbeat track that oozes confidence throughout as well as showcasing her versatility.

The Maze (Feeling That Feeling Without You)” is a song that represents the feeling of self-confidence and not needing assurance from anyone else.  When creating “The Maze”, I wanted the feeling of the song to represent self-awareness of my worth as an artist and as a human being. I got over trying to be cool. The moment I let that all go, the real magic happened. Sometimes life can be a struggle and seem like we are wandering in a maze. On many levels, this track represents self-discovery and what can happen when you follow your instincts”Dani Le Rose.

Listen to “The Maze (Feeling That Feeling Without You)”

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