Cy — Hate To Hate You

Alt-pop emerging artist Cy shares guitar-driven “Hate To Hate You”, taken from her debut EP Ugh which is out today

Today, alt-pop emerging artist Cy has released her debut EP Ugh— a five-track EP which features previously released singles “My Name Next To Yours”, “Don’t Sleep With My Ex” and “Plain Jane”. There’s two new songs on the EP, “God Damn” and the standout track “Hate To Hate You”.

“Hate To Hate You” is a dark pop song which effortlessly combines pop, R&B and indie, and it has this alluring nostalgic vibe that will instantly connect with fans of 90’s music. Cy showcases her captivating melodies on the track as well as the rest of the EP. This is a solid debut by one of the most promising artists in pop music today.

”Being 20-something can be so draining, and especially when you’re heartbroken and unsure about everything. This EP is a package of feelings that grew from this time when I had thousands of questions about where I am, who I am and where I’m going, but no answers. Even though a lot of people probably feel the same you can feel extremely lonely. I hope that my music can give someone a hand to hold for a little while. I’ve actually had a lot of fun doing this EP too. It’s been like a therapy session where I’ve found some kind of courage and distance to everything. Moving back home made me work with people who are really close again. It became a safe space where these feelings could get out in a very natural way” Cy.

Stream “Hate To Hate You” below:

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