Colby Lafayette Releases Cohesive 6-Track EP ‘SO BAD’

Los Angeles-based Boston native Colby Lafayette releases cohesive 6-track EP SO BAD.

Having caught our attention with captivating releases such as “BUMPIN 16’S” and “SO BAD SO WHAT”, Los Angeles-based emerging artist Colby Lafayette has generated a buzz just in time for the release of his new EP SO BAD. Effortlessly combining multiple genres throughout, the EP is like a mixture of The Neighbourhood and Kendrick Lamar but in Lafayatte’s own unique way— an infectious alt-rock vibe infused with hip-hop. Whereas most emerging acts create mainstream-oriented songs in hopes of going viral, the Boston native stays true to himself by delivering an EP truly filled with authenticity, hard-hitting beats and both reflective and introspective lyricism which detail his naïve and reckless high school days. The standout track “YKWII” is one of the best songs you’ll hear this year, and one that many listeners will add to their playlists. Overall, SO BAD is a cohesive project which showcases Colby Lafayette’s immense potential, and also places him amongst other outstanding emerging artists on the planet.

Stream SO BAD below:

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