Club Kuru — Gone Like A Flower

After a five-year hiatus Club Kuru return with stunning new single “Gone Like A Flower”

After a prolonged absence, Club Kuru, the psych rock project led by Laurie Erskine, have made a triumphant return. The band, known for their mesmerising blend of classic songwriting with sensual guitars and introspective lyrics, have released their stunning new single, “Gone Like A Flower”.

Showcasing Erskine’s signature hooks, expansive arrangements and flawless production, “Gone Like A Flower” seamlessly weaves together an eclectic array of influences. From jazz to classical music to the psychedelic rock vibes reminiscent of bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, the track embodies a rich fusion of musical elements.

Exploring the depths of loss, grief, and the transient nature of existence, “Gone Like A Flower” is a poignant and beautiful track that has the power to evoke strong emotions, perhaps even bringing tears to the eyes. With its exceptional production and emotionally charged lyrics, this song is a compelling choice for music lovers seeking a meaningful and moving listening experience

Stream “Gone Like A Flower” below:

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