Christelle Unveils New Single “Lone Wolf”

21 year-old London-based newcomer Christelle unveils emotionally-driven new single “Lone Wolf”.

Over the past three years our aim has always been to discover hidden gems, artists who are often overlooked and artists we feel have the potential to be stars. London-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Christelle fell into a passion for songwriting five years ago and has been quietly developing her own sound while writing for others. On her new single “Lone Wolf”, she addresses toxic friendship over a vibrant production— the vocals and melodies are captivating as she bares her soul and instantly connects with listeners. Overall, “Lone Wolf” is an enjoyable pop song with replay value— despite being new to the scene, Christelle proves she has the potential to be something special.


“The song is about how sometimes it’s better to be alone than around toxic people. My close friends and I always say that we should say “NO” more to people or ‘cut off’ more people in our lives… I think this is something a lot of people struggle with…. so I wrote a song about how prioritising yourself & setting your own rules is phenomenal! It’s time we stopped hanging out with ‘friends’ that are no good for/to us just for the sake of having a squad or ‘pack'”Christelle.

Stream “Lone Wolf” below:

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