Chloe Slater — Nothing Shines On This Island

DIY-artist Chloe Slater drops her new single “Nothing Shines On This Island”

Originally from Bournemouth but now making her mark in Manchester, emerging artist Chloe Slater has unleashed her new single, “Nothing Shines On This Island”. Taken from her upcoming debut EP, You Can’t Out A Price On Fun, Slater’s effortless blend of indie rock with pop undertones shines through in this infectious track. With punchy and thought-provoking lyrics, she offers a refreshing take on the state of British politics.

“’Nothing Shines On This Island’ is rooted in my discontent with the culture of british politics and the class system— becoming a young adult in the cost of living crisis has really highlighted just how unfair the system is, and I know that a lot of my audience can relate to the struggles I have been writing about!! After releasing ’24 Hours’ I have gained such a beautiful community of like minded people who have something to say about the world we live in. I hope that we can all make each other feel seen and heard, and that one day we’ll be able to make a real difference.”Chloe Slater.

Stream “Nothing Shines On This Island” below:

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