CatchTwentyTwo Slows It Down On “Do You Feel the Same”

Broward County, Florida artist CatchTwentyTwo returns with new single “Do You Feel the Same”.

After dropping the excellent “U Didn’t Let Me Know” back in February, Florida-based singer, songwriter and producer CatchTwentyTwo has decided to slow things down and show his range on new single “Do You Feel the Same” — his 9th single. It’s another self-produced song that once again showcases his immense potential and he bares his soul as she shows his vulnerability on the alternative R&B ballad. Although there’s still a lot of room for improvement, CatchTwentyTwo is an artist that will continue to progress as an artist and will eventually become one of the stars of the future thanks to his ability to blend a plethora of genres with ease. Press play.

“I wanted to be more vulnerable, asking “why” instead of telling you all how I feel, I want people to feel what I feel without pointing fingers. The rain in the beginning before the abrupt stop when lyrics represent how I feel. I tried to give folks a vintage older “vibe” with the strings, the beat up older sounding piano, and solo horns in the end symbolising our climate, thats all i can take. at the end I realise that me being so nonchalant about our relationship wasn’t so “cool” and that in reality i would do whatever it takes to get this girl” CatchTwentyTwo.

Stream “Do You Feel the Same” below:

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