Cassie Marin Shines On New Single “Everything You Could Want”

The Pop, Indie, R&B combo you need, “Everything You Could Want” by Cassie Marin.

It’s giving space girl dream state, it’s giving an apocalyptic story of self love, it’s giving philosophical electro pop insight. Cassie Marin is a blooming garden of deeply personal secrets. The production on this track is so impressive, it is undeniably unique and a statement to the kind of artist Marin is, she rides the bass littered song like a freaking carrousel. She shows her talent in full force here, and I am loving it.

Over hyper pop production, her angelic voice sings to us,“What do you mean when you scream at me calling it love?” — she sings, “what do you face in the solace of evening?”. Her philosophical tone and galactic branding set her apart, she feels otherworldly…

“This song is about the duality of self love and how we ultimately learn how to decide *how* to love ourselves over time. (love and evil being a reoccurring theme in my music) it’s about developing a sense of awareness and self care that overrides the expectations of others. overcoming trauma and finding power in choosing how one decides how to receive love, express and give love”Cassie Marin.

Stream “Everything You Could Want” below:

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Photo Credit: Gerardo J. De Sousa

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