Cassie Marin — Busy Body

Cassie Marin drops new single “Busy Body”

Emerging Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin has unveiled a sensational new single you should listen to immediately. “Busy Body” is an electronic-centred pop/R&B track that invites listeners to reflect on our culture’s technological obsession, where social media likes and follows have become the new markers for petty social politics. Her vocals float beautifully over the synth-heavy production as she delivers sharp-witted lyrics that explore the binary of being both the watch and the watched in the digital world. Lyrically, it’s relatable and as a song, it has replay value.

“‘Busy Body’ is about being a loner in a world where cliques never cease to exist”Cassie Marin.

Stream “Busy Body” below:

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Photo Credit: @kocmos

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