CARI — Colder In June

CARI releases stunning debut single “Colder in June”

There are so many talented R&B acts in the UK, but most of those artists often go unnoticed as the genre simply doesn’t get as much love and support on this side of the pond. Thanks to platforms such as R&B Radar and TikTok, UK R&B acts are starting to gain more exposure in the US, Canada and the rest of the world— and, West London artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist CARI is at the forefront of fast rising UK R&B acts.

Her debut single “Colder in June” was released a few weeks ago, and it has already garnered editorial support on Spotify and amassed over 250,000 streams. On the track, she faces her innermost thoughts, delivering lush harmonies over a haunting production by Melo-Zed which instantly draws listeners in. This is a brilliant debut by an artist who has the potential to break both North America and Europe.

“Colder in June sat on my spirit, weighing me down for months. I wanted the most accurate account of my most recent relationship and the lamentations that followed, to sit on top of a guitar. While I created Colder in June to facilitate my healing process, anyone that has experienced deep-seated disappointment will certainly resonate with this song.”  — CARI.

Stream “Colder in June” below:

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