Canadian Teenager Ella Jade Shares Impressive Debut EP “Shallow Water”

At least once a year, there seems to be that special unsigned artist that appears out of nowhere — meet 16 year-old Canadian singer-songwriter Ella Jade, she’s an artist with a huge potential. Hailing from Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, Ella has been singing, playing piano and a number of other instruments since the very young age of 5 years old. She enjoys a number of musical genres but mainly enjoys singing, playing and performing new popular songs.

Her debut EP Shallow Water is an impressive four-track project, she delivers an outstanding vocal performance on each track, and a surprisingly skilled songwriting ability for her age. Although the songs are slow in tempo and could possibly be considered as piano ballads, as a listener you’re engaged throughout. The melodies are catchy, she plays the piano beautifully, and there’s an instant connection with the words she sings. She’s another special artist.

Ella Jade has a bright future ahead of her, listen to Shallow Water EP below:

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