Butcher & the Florist Unveil Introspective Single “Afraid of Myself”

Electro-pop duo Butcher & the Florist unveil introspective new single “Afraid of Myself”.

Although we feature specific sounds on this platform, the most important thing we look for in a song is its message. If the lyrics connect with us, then they’ll most probably connect with the audience we’ve built over the past few years. Electro-pop duo Butcher & the Florist’s new single “Afraid of Myself” is a dark, brooding and introspective song that explores the dual sides of yourself.

The song is built from an airy acoustic guitar to heavy synths and somber, layered vocals, which all fit perfectly well creating an emotionally-driven song. We’re often force-fed emotional ballads with minimal production, however on “Afraid of Myself”, the duo keep listeners engaged throughout with a dynamic electronic-centred production.

Stream “Afraid of Myself” below:

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