Brevin Kim Unveil Two New Songs “i need water” And “he doesn’t love her”

Boston duo Brevin Kim unveil two new songs “i need water” and “he doesn’t love her”.

Boston, MA is famous for The Boston Marathon, the New England Patriots, the mighty Boston Celtics and now rising stars and future legends Brevin Kim. Consisting of blood brothers Cal and Bren Paulhus, the duo are the embodiment of the present and future of pop culture. They caught our attention last year with the captivating “somebody, some body” — a single which effortlessly infuses multiple genres well.

They’ve built a solid and dedicated underground following in Boston and beyond in the past year, all while working odd jobs, performing at local shows on the East Coast and producing music DIY-style in their spare time. The duo have caught the attention of Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, and have seen praise from the likes of Pigeons & Planes, Ones to Watch and more.

Their latest singles “I need water” and “he doesn’t love her” are both outstanding songs with replay value and also their first release of the year. Both songs flawlessly combine genres such as alternative rock, pop and electronic, with its universal appeal making it an enjoyable listen for their fan base and potential new fans. Having been separated by the current global pandemic and lockdown restrictions, they worked on their music through FaceTime. Brevin Kim are the future.

“‘i need water’ was kind of like a brain dump where I just let out exactly what I was feeling in that moment” — Cal.

“the track is about the polarization of a relationship. It’s the embodiment of “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone” — Bren on “he doesn’t love her”.

Stream “i need water” / “he doesn’t love her” below:

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