Bella Fiske — Cyanide

Boston native Bella Fiske releases new single “Cyanide”

Hailing from Boston, singer-songwriter Bella Fiske embarked on her musical journey at the tender age of 12, gracing the stage of her hometown’s open mic nights. By the age of 17, she released her debut EP, Eliot Street, a compelling project that has amassed 100,000 streams across all platforms.

Now 18, and in the midst of her freshman year at Syracuse University, she’s taken a bold step forward in her journey with the release of her latest single, “Cyanide”. Departing from the themes of relationships and heartbreak explored in her debut EP, this new track marks a significant chapter in her life and unveils a more matured version of her artistry.

With delicate vocals seamlessly complemented by Lanham Scofield’s production, “Cyanide” stands out as a beautiful track. Fiske’s mature songwriting despite her young age, adds depth to the lyrics, creating an instant and resonant connection with listeners.

Stream “Cyanide” below:

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