ASHS Reveals Her Identity On New Single “Paranoid”

Just over a year ago, ourselves and the guys over at The Press Release were trying to work out mysterious act ASHS’ real identity after impressing us with her “3AM” single. Fast forward a year later, the Toronto-based rising star has finally revealed her true identity as Alyssa Reid — the singer-songwriter who rose to fame back in 2011 with the hit single “Alone Again”.

She has spent most of the year contributing as a songwriter for the likes of bülow and many more. However, her own style is much more ambitious as well as experimental. New single “Paranoid” is a compelling dark pop banger that showcases her amazing abilities as a singer and a songwriter. With an outstanding production and a relatable content, ASHS is on the verge of becoming one of the most sought-after artists in pop music. This is a must listen.

Paranoid” gives an audible sneak peek into my subconscious, encapsulating the feelings of anxiety and mistrust in the people around me. It’s both an exploration and a revelation. It’s easy to write about pain and hurt, and that’s typically what I gravitate towards. But, I want to make sure I leave room for me to enjoy this by creating space to build relationships with people that I’d never get to in everyday life. Am I bettering the lives of the people around me, or am I making it worse? I want to be someone who makes other people like their lives a little bit more”ASHS.

Listen to “Paranoid” below:

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