Aseia x PROP — wheredidsh3goh

Aseia links up with PROP on explosive new single wheredidsh3goh”

London-based newcomer Aseia made his debut with the genre-blending and emotionally-charged “Trial and Error” last month, and he isn’t slowing down just yet as he returns with a stunning collaboration with emerging artist and producer PROP.

Built over a glitchy production which combines alternative pop, electronic music, hyperpop with sprinkles of rap and trap, “wheredidsh3goh” is an anthemic collaboration between Aseia and PROP laced with catchy melodies, lyrically touching on a sensitive topic that listeners will be able to resonate with. Overall, this is a truly refreshing and groundbreaking track by two young artists who aren’t afraid to sonically take risks, as well as wear their hearts on their sleeves.

“This song played a pivotal role in building a relationship with PROP. After bonding over experiences of loss and rejection we decided to create a piece of music that connected these experiences and turned it into something beautiful. Electronic synths paired with live drums and electric guitar parts made for the perfect soundscape to write about such a sensitive topic” — Aseia.

Stream “wheredidsh3goh” below:

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