Artists to Watch ’23

25 emerging artists we think you should be keeping an eye on this year

It’s that time of the year where we compile our own version of artists to watch in 2023. Our list features 25 emerging artists who possess a unique sound and a musical identity that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd.


21 year-old singer-songwriter Aáyanna made her debut as an Avant Garden (Emotional Oranges, Unusual Demont, Chiiild) artist at the end of November with the catchy “Risky”. She brought something fresh to R&B— we have a feeling if she consistently releases music this year, she’s going to generate a lot of traction, as well as many new fans that not only listen to R&B, but also indie and alternative music.

Abby Sage

LA/London via Toronto-based alt-pop artist Abby Sage has a beautiful voice that draws you in— her EP The Florist not only showcased this, it also showcased her commanding sound which we’ve fallen in love with, we hope the rest of the world does too.


Arizona artist Alemeda may be known to most people for her outstanding single “Gonna Bleach My Eyebrows” and “Post Nut Clarity”, both songs went viral on TikTok. She’s been teasing a more alternative/indie sound these past few months which has had us anticipating her 2023 releases— this could really be her breakthrough year.

Aliyah Lanay

Inspired by the likes of Rihanna, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys and Ariana Grande, Rochester, New York based alternative R&B artist Aliyah Lanay may not have the traction or numbers as most artists on this list, but talent wise she’s one of the best emerging artists we’ve heard in recent years. Blessed with a stunning voice and an appealing sound that flawlessly combines 00’s R&B with trap soul, Aliyah has everything to be a successful artist.

Baby Storme

New York native Baby Storme blends pop, alternative and rock to create her own unique sound, which also has hints of classical music. She’s taken TikTok by storm, no pun intended, and now she’s ready to shake the music industry with her music.


LA-based singer-songwriter BEL became a DNü favourite last year thanks to her brilliant hits “PBR” with girlhouse and “Cake”. Blending indie, folk, pop and country, she’s blessed with a mesmerising vocal ability and amazing songwriting that makes you feel like you’re either part of her story or happily driving around rural areas— cinematic stuff. She’s not only talented, she also seems like a very likeable person, check her TikTok out.


Sitting somewhere between alternative R&B and dark R&B, mysterious South African artist burningforestboy possesses a distinctive sound that has helped him build a global cult following. His earworm melodies and unique trap-infused production already has us hooked, and we’re sure it’ll have more people hooked this year.

Charlotte Plank

Known for infusing jungle, drum and bass and elements of bedroom pop, Charlotte Plank is already one of the most exciting new acts around. She proved that with her stunning debut “Hate Me” which showcased her eclectic sound. 2023 is going to be a huge year for the 21 year-old multifaceted creative.


17 year-old Houston, Texas native d4vd has already achieved chart success with viral hit “Romantic Homicide”. However, he had already showcased his talent and immense potential with excellent singles such as “Take Me To The Sun” and “Dirty Secrets”. Arguably the most promising artist on the list, d4vd is a generational talent, one that will be around for many years to come.

Dutch Melrose

LA-based singer, songwriter and producer Dutch Melrose is one of the most underrated emerging artists around. Known for infusing pop, alternative rock, hip-hop and electronic music, he has consistently released captivating singles these past 3 years. Last year he released 3 outstanding singles— “RUNRUNRUN”, “Avril Lavigne”, and “R.I.P”, which all sound better than most songs we hear on the radio. 2023 could be the year they stop sleeping on Dutch Melrose.


Last year, we managed to watch EKKSTACY perform a few times in London and Brighton, and the Canadian artist showcased his talent as an artist and performer in front of new crowds really well. We have a feeling he’s on the verge of something big, and 2023 might be the year we witness something special.

Erin LeCount

Although she’s only released one single, we truly believe Essex based emerging artist Erin LeCount has what it takes to be a star. She bares her soul on her passionate and moving debut single “Killing Time”— a masterpiece that instantly connects with listeners from all walks of life. 2023, is all yours Erin.

Ethel Cain

Ethel Cain’s album Preacher’s Daughter has received critical acclaim and placed the rising star amongst some of the best and most exciting emerging artists in the world today. Her angelic voice and Southern Gothic lyrics has made us huge fans of her music. Keep your eyes on her this year.

Hannah Jadagu

We had the opportunity to watch New York-based indie pop artist Hannah Jadagu at Pitchfork Music Festival London back in November, and she was absolutely brilliant live. A refreshing act in the indie pop world, keep your eyes on her this year.


It’s surprising to not see Rhode Island-born emerging rapper JELEEL! on many people’s artists to watch lists. The charismatic rising star blends alt-rap with the intensity of rock and metal, and some elements of pop capable of opening up mosh pits anywhere. Looking for a rapper that makes good music, has a positive energy, can do back flips and promotes taking good care of your body? JELEEL! is your man.

Jim Legxacy

In May 2019, emerging artist Jim Legxacy was a guest rapper for MTRNICA at one of our live shows, fast forward 3 years later he’s become the most exciting emerging artist in the UK right now. Effortlessly blending rap, afrobeats, emo, drill and R&B, expect the South East Londoner to continue rising this year.


Texas based, Nigerian twins KAIRO have amassed a loyal following on social media, and in the past year they also released two amazing EP’s Love Letters From Houston and Return To Sender. They’re going to release their debut album this year, which we’re all excited about.


Norwich, UK emerging alternative artist lozeak already looks like a star to us— vibrant cherry red hair, memorable monobrow and tattoos. She has been making waves on TikTok, and this year we think she’ll be making waves in real life too.

Natalie Red

London-based artist and producer Natalie Red has been on our TikTok for you page more than any other artist on this list. After seeing her content come up almost everyday, we thought we’d check out her music, and my goodness, we were blown away. Her electronic sound is pretty similar to the likes of PinkPantheress and co, but there’s something infectious and special here that we can’t put to words that sets her apart. Check her out.


Comfortably sitting somewhere between trap soul and alternative R&B, New Jersey-based artist NateTaylorr continues to keep two subgenres we love alive. One of the most underrated emerging artists around, Nate has that trifecta of singing, rapping and songwriting over some of the most flawless productions you’ll hear today. An editor adding one of his songs to a popular editorial playlist on Spotify this year, could change everything. Keep your eyes on him.


24 year-old indie/alternative emerging artist NoSo released one of the best albums of 2022. Featuring some of our favourite tracks “Suburbia”, “David”, and “Feeling Like a Woman Lately”, Stay Proud of Me is a dreamy masterpiece that instantly connected with us, and has been on heavy rotation since its release. As they prepare for live performances and hopefully new music, we have a feeling 2023 will be a great year for one of our favourite artists.


17 year-old Liverpool, UK artist re6ce has quickly become one of the world’s exciting emerging artists around. With influences ranging from hyperpop to punk, expect to hear a lot from him this year on both sides of the pond.


Toronto artist ThxSoMch recently proved his viral hit “SPIT IN MY FACE!” wasn’t a fluke with the stellar follow up single “Keep It Tucked”. With an engaging fan base that continues to grow, and more music lined up to release this year, we believe the highly rated newcomer will reach greater heights this year.


Essex, UK artist tmdistant has been effortlessly showcasing his unique sound— a combination of indie, alternative, pop and recently rock, these past 12 months. After making his nationwide radio debut on BBC Radio 1 with “i don’t need a therapist” and being picked as an artist to watch by BBC Essex— 2023 may be the year his music reaches all corners of the world.

Tommy Saint

North London emerging artist Tommy Saint has a distinctive voice, and a versatile sound that sets him apart from the crowd. 2022 was a very solid year for the emerging artist, and thanks to his fresh and exciting style, we expect him to make more noise this year.

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