Apricot Ink — Usually

Alt-pop Australian trio Apricot Ink are back with dreamy new single “Usually”

Canberra-based musicians and producers Gus, Sara, and Willo make the 3-piece alt-pop project Apricot Ink. Production wise, they take influence from the likes of The XX and Mac Miller, as well as BENEE for a pop balance. They made their DNü debut last year with the stunning “Not OK”, and today they’re back with another excellent single, “Usually”.

It takes some artists/bands years to find their sound, but Apricot Ink have already found theirs— alternative pop with sprinkles of danceable grooves, swinging 808 drums and warm toned guitars. Their dreamy new single “Usually” is about the vocalist rebuilding her trust in men and masculine energy.

“A couple of things had happened to me, that made me distrust men. Then I met one of one Willo’s friends at our show, who was so gently confident within himself. I was attracted to his version of masculinity instantly. I started to regain and rebuild trust in men again because of him. I hope people listen to this song and use it as an opportunity to be open to anything and open to healing”Apricot Ink.

Gorgeous vocal harmonies float above the mesmerising production which has a summer vibe— makes perfect sense as it’s summer down under after all. Apricot Ink have dropped another fantastic song that not only has replay value, but a strong reassuring message that will put your mind at ease.

Stream “Usually” below:

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