An Introduction to Halle Mone’

An introduction to singer-songwriter Halle Mone’, who talks about her new single “what it is!” and more

Accompanied by a music video which features the antithesis of what a clown should be and shows us not everything we see is what it is, the latest Halle Mone’ single “what it is!”, is an introspective indie pop song about the duality of emotions one may face when ending a relationship. The song was written after a friendship break up that left the artist wondering if she had made the right choice step away or if she had been the problem all along.

We spoke to the independent artist about her new single and much more. Read our conversation below

How are you doing?

I’m doing well! I spent the beginning of this year celebrating turning 24 and finishing up my first project of the year so I’m feeling super grateful and optimistic about 2023. 

Nice! Where are you from/based?

I’m originally from Fairfield, California however I’m based out of Boston, Massachusetts at the moment. 

Do you come from a musical background?

Absolutely! I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, and my parents always kept me involved in something music related. It started out with the youth choir in Church, and from there I was involved in chorus at school, etc. I was even in an a cappella group for 4 years while I was in college. Music has definitely always been a constant in my life and I’m thankful for that. 

That’s amazing. What artists inspired you to pursue a career in music?

This is such a difficult question for me because I’ve been inspired by sooo many artists over the years. But for the majority of my life I was a HUGE fangirl for artists like Justin Bieber, one direction, 5SOS, and more recently BTS. I think these artists were particularly inspiring to me because of the connection they had with their fanbases, and the loyalty that the fans showed in return. I remember being on stan Twitter and wondering what it would be like to connect with so many people that, not only felt something from your art , but understand you on some level and want to support you. I think supporting those artists really inspired me to want to share my music, in the hopes of building a community of my own. Somewhere that I and those who enjoy my work can feel seen. 

Love that! In your own words, describe your music. 

Emotionally charged, edgy, ethereal. My music is almost like a diary written with invisible ink. I feel like anyone can enjoy it, but people who enjoy digging deeper than the surface level will connect with it the most. 

You’ve just dropped your new single, talk us through the creative process. 

I actually started this song back in September, right after I’d released my song ‘FRAUD’. I remember sitting down and thinking, “I just want to write something completely random”, no expectations just something fun to keep myself writing. I ended up finding the beat to what it is! (prod. by In Bloom) and just started writing whatever came to mind and eventually I found a melody I liked. It’s crazy, but I didn’t even realize there was deeper meaning within the lyrics until I was almost finished with it. From there I collaborated with my best friend/vocal arranger, JM, to really flesh out the structure of the song as well as the harmonies. It was mixed by another great friend of mine, Harrison Acosta, and it was really fun to sit down together and experiment with the song. Once it was finished I actually flew out to New York to shoot my first music video EVER with the super talented Evan Deng and Family Video Store. That experience was crazy because I was walking around Coney Island dressed as a semi-deranged clown in the middle of January. But it made for great visuals and I can’t wait for the world to see.

Wow, that’s amazing— brilliant visuals by the way. The song is about a friendship breakup, do you feel writing/recording this song has helped you find closure?

Yes I’d definitely say it helped me find some closure! I feel like all of my songs have played a huge role in me healing from things that have happened in the past. ‘what it is!’ is also about knowing when to let go of something, and not feeling guilty for choosing yourself and your peace. Writing this song was exactly what I needed to inspire myself to choose me even when it’s hard to. 

You seem to blend multiple genres so well, but what genre or genres do you feel you connect with the most?

Firstly, thank you so much! I think I feel most connected to indie/alternative music. I definitely love R&B and think that’s at the center of everything that I do, but I also think indie music has heavily influenced me over the years. I also feel connected to the indie folk genre as well, and would love to make something of that nature sometime in the near future, 

You’re welcome! Yes, please, we need that indie folk song. What else do you have planned this year?

This year I’m starting to work towards releasing an EP, which I’m super excited about as I’ve been itching to release a little project for a while now. Other than that I’m just looking forward to another year of finding myself and exploring my creativity. 

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Photo Credit: Kaio Cesar

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