An Introduction To DJ Jacky P

After spending almost a decade as one of the main voices within the Birmingham underground music scene, DJ Jacky P embarked on a successful tour around the world with the strong-willed energetic trap metal rapper Scarlxrd throughout 2018. The DJ born Jack Parker, has been supportive of up and coming artists since he first started, whether it was by playing their music on local radio, booking them for gigs or playing their music during his eclectic DJ sets.

I recently had the chance to speak to the man himself and introduce him to our audience.

Hey Jack, how are you doing?

I am groovy!

How did you get started with music?

It has been an unhealthy obsession for as long as I can remember! Music is my life maaaaaan. 

That’s real man. What was the first CD you ever bought?

It was the self-titled debut from Gorillaz. I was mesmerised by them as a child. The song ‘M1/A1’ used to really put the fear in me though for some reason. The intro to it is eerie.

Great album. Do you still listen to it?

Yeah the album has aged really well. Still a stone cold classic.

You’re a DJ, obviously, can you name five DJ’s that you’d say, inspired you?

Tiffany Calver. Phil Taggart. Mike Skinner. Gvllow. Siobhan Bell. 

That’s a great list. What makes you different from other DJ’s out there?

I think some DJ’s are afraid to really cut loose when they play. I always cut loose and try to involve whoever is in front of me as much as possible. I see a lot of DJ’s who completely ignore their crowds which is a bit mad still.

*laughs* I know what you mean. How did you and Scarlxrd meet?

He kept appearing to me in my dreams. He would always be beckoning me to follow him into the darkness. Eventually I gave in and now here we are.

Spooky stuff. You guys had a successful 2018, touring the world and shutting each show down. Did you ever envision this to happen the way it did? You know, so quickly.

Scar told me the first time I met him that things were going to get very crazy very quickly and he is a man of his word. I was prepared and hungry for the chaos.

What was your most memorable experience from the tour last year?

We toured pretty much non-stop for the whole of 2018. The whole thing was a kaleidoscope of chaos. I enjoy every element of touring and performing with Scar. I think the moments that stick out the most are when I have out of body-esque experiences where I’m looking down on us doing our thing and I just get reminded of wow we are really doing this. We are having it large.

That sounds amazing. You recently announced you’ll be supporting Easy Life on their UK shows this Spring, how did that come about?

I will be warmzing up the crowds at each of the U.K shows on their run this March into April. I’ll be playing before and between the live acts keeping the function at a good temperature. I’ve known Lew the guitarist for quite some time and as a whole they are a band I am obsessed with. From the moment I heard ‘Pockets’ when they cracked that online. 

What’s your favourite Easy Life song?

My favourite at the moment is ‘Frank’. That punches me straight in the emotions. ‘Slow Motion’ is also another huge banger.

Big tunes mate. Also, what are you currently listening to at the moment?

I’m listening to these two rappers Kojaque and Luka Palm A LOT. Bloody love those two.

I’ll check them out. Let’s imagine you were in, let’s say DJ Khaled’s position; you’re given an advance to get a group of artists together to create a potential hit single. What artists would you have on that track?

I’d get Murray Matravers from Easy Life on a track with Kojaque and Luka Palm. I’d get Biig Piig to sing the hook. That would go number 1 straight away mate.

And the producer?

I’d get whoever does the production on Casisdead’s tracks to get a beat for us. Dude has the best production!!

Cyrus! If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be and why?

I love the industry. There is nothing as entertaining as the inner workings of the music industry. Its hilarious.

*laughs* Tell me about it! You recently started a podcast, do you see yourself becoming a radio presenter one day?

Been there done that got the t-shirt! I presented a show on Amazing Radio for a number of years. Then I went on to present BBC Introducing in the West Midlands. I left radio behind last year to focus fully on DJing. Shout out the Jacky P-odcast. New episodes soon come. 

Oh, that’s pretty awesome. If you were given an opportunity to present a radio show at either BBC Radio, Capital or Radio X, what station would you choose though?

BBC are the radio kings!

Big facts. You’ll be one of the very special guests at HEN$HAW’s headline gig this month at Café 1001, what can fans expect from you that night?

I’m going to make sure we all have some fun. You will all become part of my litty committee. I’m bringing out some special guests during my set in the form of Muppy and MTRNICA. Lets have it. 

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Jacky P will be one of the very special guests at our first live show of the year featuring headliner HEN$HAW and Belgian act RARE AKUMA. Tickets recently sold out, but we’ve just added more here. 18+.

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