Ally Cribb Debut Single Reimagines Radiohead’s Seminal Track “Creep”

16 year-old Toronto native Ally Cribb’s debut single reimagines Radiohead’s seminal track “Creep”.

Canada continues to bless us with exceptional artists, especially Toronto and its surrounding areas which is known for its rich and diverse musical scene. At the age of just sixteen, Ally Cribb is already as talented as some of the best artists out there. She inherited music from her father who, too is a musician and a writer. We all know how risky it can be to cover a song, however Cribb develops new dimensions on “Creep”, and makes the track her own as she delivers a breathtaking vocal performance throughout over a piano-driven production. It’s an unbelievable performance, she sounds as though as she’s been doing this for years. As a listener, you’re engaged and instantly drawn in. Overall, it’s an outstanding debut release, one that has us anticipating her follow-up single.

“The song’s haunting lyrics called out for a more reflective musical approach. At its core, ‘Creep’ is really a song about fragility and vulnerability, and I wanted to communicate those delicate emotions with simple piano and exposed vocals”Ally Cribb.

Stream “Creep” below:

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