A Conversation With Emerging R&B/Pop Sensation Lili Caseley

We had the opportunity to chat with Lili Caseley, one of our favourite emerging artists— an R&B/Pop sensation of English, Portuguese and French descent.

Since making her debut with the stunning “Have I Ever” back in 2018, emerging North London singer-songwriter Lili Caseley has been having one hell of a year despite the current pandemic. Her releases have garnered support from the likes of Spotify and Apple Music editorial playlists, as well as amassing over 150,000 streams and views across all platforms. Although she’s only dropped two singles this year, the catchy pop banger “C’est la vie” and arguably her best release to date, the excellent “Badoom”, her consistent social media engagement has kept her followers entertained. She posts videos of herself dancing with a smile, she shares fan art, cover videos and the occasional selfie or two. It all looks very genuine which makes her a likeable person. It’s refreshing to see an artist with immense talent and potential, who also possesses a charismatic personality. And for that reason, it was only right to get to know her a little bit better. Read our conversation below.

How are you doing Lili?

I’m doing good Georges how are you? I’m sat in a cafe doing work and listening to music… I like cafes.

Good! And noted! This year has been quite difficult for many artists, especially emerging artists. What challenges have you faced this year?

Yeah definitely a weird year. The lack of live shows and gigs is the biggest adjustment. Luckily releasing music online hasn’t been affected at all.

I know right. How have you managed to stay sane?

I’ve got good friends and people around me, and I have an adaptable nature. I was lucky I went to see family in Portugal and before I came back to London it was put back on the OK list for travel so didn’t have to quarantine. Having a project like releasing “Badoom” definitely helped too.

Apart from music, what other activities have you been doing?

I dance a lot, to be honest with you other than music I don’t do a lot apart from seeing friends and family. I used to do boxing and I wanna get back into it. I also read a lot of books and poetry. Love Rumi and read a book recently called : Pereira Maintains which blew my mind. *laughs*

Sounds good to me. So, you’re half Portuguese and half French, can you speak both languages fluently?

So my mum is Portuguese but grew up In France. She had 6 siblings and they left Portugal because of the Salazar dictatorship. I have a lot of family in France near Paris and some in Portugal too. My dad is English from Essex and my parents met in South Africa then came to Camden in London to live and had me and my sister. I’m bilingual in French and speak some Portuguese but need to get better cause my family mocks me haha. 

Amazing! Which language do you prefer?

French is the language of diplomats apparently and when you read any Russian literature they often use French words so that’s pretty cool. I think I’ve got a better sense of humour in English but Portuguese is definitely the warmest language for me. There’s so many good jokes in Portuguese that do not translate as funny in English. But the accent is hard to master!!

Would you release a song in that language?

Yeah I’d love to. I already put out “C’est la vie” which has French in it. Portuguese will be the next challenge. I’d like to use Fado music as inspiration.

Oh yes “C’est la vie”, can’t believe I forgot about that gem! Excuse me. Moving on, let’s talk about your current release “Badoom”. Stunning vocal performance, how did the song come together?

Thank you very much. Well, my friend Bastien who lives in France, sent me the instrumental and the chords inspired me immediately so just wrote the vocals to it in my room. I actually recorded it at the Roundhouse myself (genuinely not sure how I did it to a professional standard). Was feeling quite lonely at the time and it seems to have come out well lyrically in the track. 

That’s awesome, it definitely came out well! What message are you trying to convey in the song?

The message is about missing someone who you’re not with yet. Imagining being with them, having that dream idealistic love. I want people to feel comforted by it and also relate to it. I think as an artist you’re always hoping people will relate. 

I hear you loud and clear. The music video is visually striking too, very serious acting by KeepVibesNear too! Has the music video got the same message as the song itself?

*laughs* Thank you. Oi Kevin is so sick, he’s released new stuff recently too definitely take a listen. The video is doing well I think it represents the song lyrics well and paints the image of the dream love well. Amazing Frank Higson and Ava Roeg co-directed and that was their idea too. It’s hard to know in advance if people are gonna vibe to it but you can only try…

What’s next?

Gonna release another song soon. Then an EP. I’ve got a body of songs, just need to make sure they come together as a project. I can be a bit eclectic in terms of musical taste and writing. Funnily, astrologically I’ve got planets all over the shop. *laughs*

What’s the first thing you’re doing when this pandemic is over?

Going DANCING!!!!! Hahaha miss it so much. Small things you don’t appreciate enough and then they just disappear. I believe in God but sometimes I wonder if we are in a simulation this world is too mad. Hope everyone is safe and good and sending love.

Stream “Badoom” below:

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Photo Credit: Nicki Ilot + Concretestate