Faith Richards Bares Her Soul “I’m Still Sorry”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Faith Richards bares her soul on her new single “I’m Still Sorry”.

One of my favourite things in life is discovering artists with potential to either be great or superstars — at times we’re even introduced to artists who instantly connect with us. That connection can last forever for some passionate music lovers out there. Faith Richards is honestly one of the best emerging artists I’ve come across and her latest single “I’m Still Sorry” is an emotionally-driven masterpiece.

Known for her distinctive hybrid dark-indie yet soulful voice, Richards delivers an outstanding vocal performance on this beautifully-written song that will hit home for many listeners. She’s both honest and vulnerable as she opens up on this story about love and heartbreak. Press play.

“Soulful, vulnerable and relatable. ‘I’m Still Sorry’ is one of the most honest R&B songs I’ve written. In the midst of heartbreak, I could still see my worth. I knew we had something powerful and bold, but he let me go without a fight. I was completely in love, but also aware that I needed *and deserved* more. “I guess I gotta walk away even when I wanna stay, because you just don’t love me the same.” It’s a story about love, heartbreak and confusion, but also having enough strength to walk away from something drowning you” Faith Richards.

Stream “I’m Still Sorry” below:

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