vi0let x Kaisha — Psyche

vi0let links up with Kaisha on groovy new single “Psyche”

On “Psyche”, a stunning collaboration with Brighton-based singer-songwriter Kaisha, London-based German-Irish singer-songwriter vi0let brilliantly showcases her bright vocal quality and relatable storytelling, this time providing a familiar sorrow about unrequited love. Veering away from her R&B roots, she continues to experiment with new sounds, seamlessly mixing pop, electronic, dance, and soul with a dash of R&B.

“I met someone early this year and developed a huge crush on them. Being the delusional girl I am, I always convince myself that people are just as obsessed with me only to find out they were in a relationship and were giving me mixed signals. I wrote Psyche because I kept imaging a mini version of them stuck in my brain and setting up camp in there. It was a way of flattering myself by claiming how much they like to be in my head. It’s not usual for me to have crushes so it was a weird feeling thinking about someone that much. I wasn’t even upset that I couldn’t have them to be honest I just liked the attention they were giving me.” — vi0let.

Stream “Psyche” below:

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