vi0let — Toxic City

Brighton-based singer-songwriter vi0let delivers emotionally-driven R&B single “Toxic City”, accompanied by an intimate music video.

The vocally gifted emerging artist with German and Irish roots boasts a visually striking appearance and effortlessly combines edginess with glamour and vulnerability in her music and fashion, making her one of the most unique artists around. Her latest offering “Toxic City” embodies the same calmness and beauty her name echos, vi0let’s sound flirts between late-night R&B and intimate pop sonics. She delivers a breathtaking vocal performance over a stunning production, and lyrically describes how an entire place or city can remind you of just one person, and take you back to the toxic relationship that were a part of. Accompanied by a cinematic music video directed by Julia Jalyschko, “Toxic City” is vi0let’s best release thus far and one that will place her amongst some of the best emerging R&B/pop artists around.

Stream “Toxic City” below:

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Photo Credit: Julia Jaly

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