vi0let Releases Empowering Self-Love Anthem “Ignite”

German-Irish singer-songwriter vi0let takes a look back on a toxic friendship on empowering self-love anthem “Ignite”.

There are different forms of toxic friendships, and they all have something in common— they drain you mentally and have a way of bringing you down instead of building you up. Friends are meant to provide social and emotional support, especially during these difficult times. Spending time with people who have a negative energy can also affect your emotional and physical health. Luckily, today we’re blessed to have so many musicians who release tracks that are aimed at self-love, body positivity and breaking social norms. Rising German-Irish singer-songwriter vi0let uses her music as a way to inspire and empower others to stand against any obstacles in their lives. She returns with “Ignite”, her first release of 2021 and another uplifting and empowering anthem. “Ignite” takes a look back on a toxic friendship she overcame, and delivers a message of growth and strength. She combines R&B with pop melodies as she encourages listeners to kill anything that stands in their way with kindness. vi0let delivers a breathtaking vocal performance over the vibrant production, as she show the importance of setting boundaries in life and staying true to who you are no matter what— a powerful message that will resonate with so many listeners out there.

Stream “Ignite” below:

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