vi0let — Audience

Emerging R&B singer-songwriter vi0let drops stunning new single “Audience”

Emerging R&B newcomer vi0let, who splits her time between Brighton and London, has unveiled her stunning new single “Audience” the second release off her upcoming debut EP Believe Me When I Cry due out this September.

Produced by James Berkeley, “Audience” tells the tale of discovering what you truly mean to someone. Dealing with a person who isn’t good for you while also feeling pressure to live up to their standards. vi0let compares being someone’s personal cheerleader to being an audience in this metaphor. She explains how they seek praise and appreciation for everything they accomplish for you or other people.

“Don’t wanna get into to it too much but it’s about dealing with a toxic parent. I wrote it during a time I felt really helpless and desperate for connection but fortunately things have improved so much since.”vi0let.

The German-Irish singer-songwriter once again showcases her mesmerising vocal performance on the R&B-tinged soulful track. Despite its emotional undertones, “Audience” is an upbeat track with a lot of replay value.

Stream “Audience” below:

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Photo Credit: Libby Cooper

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