Meet The Mysterious Artist Abare + Listen To New Single “Lay Down, Pt. 1”

Not much is known about the mysterious artist Abare, so we’re grateful for being the first music platform to cover an artist with huge potential. This is an artist who combines multiple genres flawlessly, singing over moody productions with appealing melodies and relatable lyrics. His brand new single “Lay Down, Pt.1” sounds like something straight out of the year 2080, it’s an impressive follow up single that will open new doors for the rising star.

Read our conversation below:

Hey Abare, how’s it going?

It’s going pretty good, been super busy and a little stressed, the usual in life as an artist.

How would you describe your sound to a stranger?

Hmmm, my sound is a vibe, if I had to use one word. It’s music best listened to while either driving at night, in a club or while getting high with friends or by yourself.

Gotcha. Your debut single “Hurting” is great, what message were you trying to convey with it?

Thank you! But to be honest, I had no clue where I was going with that song. I was trying something new and different and wanted to convey a deeper darker message but I felt it failed in what I wanted, but overall the track is still good. Probably has one of the cleanest 808 Bass’s I’ve heard in a mix. I did 800+ mixes to get that song just how I wanted for my first time mixing ever.

You didn’t fail man at all man. What challenges have you faced as an independent musician so far?

Being recognised in your hometown area when you write music that isn’t the same as everyone else’s taste here *laughs*.

What’s the music scene like in your city?

It’s a bit diverse theres a lot of different artists and bands trying lots of different stuff but stuff you’ve heard before…But I’m pretty much isolated in terms of my own sound.

Ah damn, well I guess it’s good to standout from the rest. If you had the chance to live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Country side of Japan or Australia somewhere.


I grew up in one place pretty much, at one time I wanted to live forever in LA, California but, now I just wanna visit there. I feel that overseas is probably way inspiring to me, I wanna travel and see the world.

I understand, well come to London, UK one day! Let’s talk about your new single “Lay Down, Pt. 1” — it sounds like something out of the future. What inspired you to create this masterpiece?

I appreciate that comment. It was kind of the beginning goal with it. The song had been changed from a track I had done 2 years before prior as a demo. My old producer heard the beginning bass line which was originally on a bridge section and helped me remake the whole track. When I heard the updated instrumental I knew I had something going — that was the first track I ever made when I switched to Pop music.

Amazing, well if this is pop music then it’s the best pop song I’ve heard in a long time. I can imagine endless ideas for a cool music video for this single, do you have any ideas yet, that you can share with us?

Honestly, me and my team are talking about a few ideas, but I’m not too sure yet. Every idea I have for a video is always way out of budget and if I can’t get what I see in my head then I usually scrap the idea anyways *laughs*. One day it’ll all be available to do though.

*laughs* Fair enough, I totally understand. Once again man, this song is amazing. How excited are you for the whole world to hear this?

Thank you, thank you. I am actually curious and more nervous *laughs* it’s completely different than what you’re hearing out now in music today.

It’s good to be different and be in your own lane. What are your expectations for the single?

I hope for it to at least pass 10K streams on Spotify *laughs* that’d be a cool little goal. When Hurting passed 5K I didn’t really believe it.

I predict it’ll exceed that. A lot of artists seem to be getting signed off of viral hits or the number of following they have on social media. As a talented artist, how does this make you feel?

Honestly, I feel like its taking a lot of sight away from very talented artists. But it is entertainment altogether so…whatever sells I guess.

Fair enough. Do you listen to any artists from the UK? If so, who are some of your favourite artists?

Besides ScarLxrd…not much rap or hip hop from there, if anything its probably more rock or symphonic metal bands *laughs*. I have a really weird musical taste.

That’s interesting. Would you collaborate with him?

Hmmm I always wondered if Scarlxrd could ever sing. I feel like he could and probably has a good voice, so I’d probably wanna work with him. And he seems like a fun guy to be around.

He can sing for sure, he was in a nu metal band before. Right, are you planning to release more singles? Or a project this year?

I have lots planned. I want to release three to five singles over the course of June-August. No project though. I feel like everyone doesn’t pay attention to projects from artists that aren’t on anyone’s radars yet really.

I agree. Let us know why people should stream your single today.

I think if you wanna hear something different and really cool where I blend a lot of styles that are influenced heavily from The Weeknd, blackbear, Linkin Park, Chase Atlantic and such, then you should give this song a listen.. It is after all the start to a story.

Stream “Lay Down, Pt. 1” on Spotify.

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