Just Honest — toxic culture

Just Honest opens up about heartbreak on new single “toxic culture”

There isn’t much information online about Russian artist Just Honest, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an artist worth listening to. His latest single “toxic culture” is a brilliant song that instantly connects with you— that’s if you’ve either experienced heartbreak or have been in a toxic relationship. The production is simplistic but it matches perfectly with the stunning emotionally-driven vocal performance. Perfect addition for your sad bedroom pop playlists.

“This song came to existence when after a heartbreak I was tearing myself apart. Listening to the songs like ‘Don’t Start Now’ and ‘IDGAF’ on the one hand and ‘Someone Like You’ on the other, I was swinging between loving and hating my baby. It seemed like there was no other option – I had to decide if either to love or to hate… Until I’ve written this song”Just Honest.

Stream “toxic culture” below:

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