Tom Did It Reminisces On Past Relationship With New Single “Gone”

Emerging artist Tom Did It reminisces on past relationship with new single “Gone”.

During lockdown we’ve all had time to think, in fact, maybe a little too much time to think. 17 year-old emerging artist Tom Did It has already touched on mental health topics with impressive cuts such as “Thinking Too Much” and “Demons” — he’s back with another emotionally-charged single, this time reminiscing on a past relationship with his ex girlfriend on new single “Gone”. Wearing his heart on his sleeve with confessional lyricism and a melodic rap-sung delivery, he gets honest as he recounts two sides of a relationship post breakup and how each person deals with it. With production by 16 year-old producer Max Flynn which combines hip-hop with sprinkles of soft rock and pop tinged melodies, Tom Did It has delivered another solid effort— a perfect gift for those who will be spending Valentine’s Day all alone reminiscing about the past. Big sad.

“The story behind it was me telling my ex to try and carry on with her life as if I had never been there in the first place: ‘you told me to live like before you were gone’, and the different situations and contradictory thoughts going on in my head at the time: ‘I can’t think of why i miss you, you’re always causing issues’. In my eyes this song stands out because not only is it catchy and easy to follow but also has a story behind it and a meaning that a lot of young people like myself can relate to” — Tom Did It

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