Nick De La Hoyde Shines On New Single “Maze”

Although Australian artist Nick De La Hoyde has already accumulated millions of audio and video streams across all platforms he’s still relatively new to some listeners on this side of the globe.

Growing up in a multi-cultural home where all of his brothers wrote and played music, Nick De La Hoyde was exposed to different global influences which he begun weaving into his music, combining his love of hip-hop and R&B with electronic music. His new single “Maze” is an outstanding single that infuses all of those genres he grew up listening to well. There’s also sprinkles of dark R&B vibes throughout, placing him amongst stellar acts such as Always Never, Black Atlass and The Weeknd.

“There are certain feelings we have as humans that can leave us in so many different state of minds. The biggest one of all being LOVE, Love for me resembles a maze, running as fast as you can through this never ending journey of ups and downs, confusion, happiness and sadness. The beauty is that we all have our own Maze and they are all unique to us, the better you treat yours the better it will treat you”Nick De La Hoyde.

Stream “Maze” below:

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