Misty Galactic Returns With New Single “The Worst”

Dark pop siren Misty Galactic returns with new single “The Worst”.

Known for crafting some of the best dark pop songs with gothic vibes, emerging artist Misty Galactic is back with brand new single “The Worst”. Lyrically, the song paints a dark picture of toxic love, exploring elements of her past as well as her relationship with her own mental health. Misty’s ears for the right production is underrated— the production handled by Open Eyes Productions is stunning and effortlessly matches with her vocal performance and lyrics to create a powerful alt pop song worth a listen.

FFO: Banks, Lana Del Rey, Baby Goth, Mazzy Star etc.

“My head is a scary place to be sometimes, and it doesn’t always play well with others. I guess this is the story of one of the darker relationships I’ve been in, but it’s also about the way my mind works – that urge to push people away, then begging them to stay. Sometimes, I’ve felt like I’m cursed and fated when it comes to other people”Misty Galactic.

Stream “The Worst” below:

Watch the music video below:

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