The Return of Justnic + “Goofy (Freestyle)” Premiere

For someone his age, Justnic already divides the scene he’s in. The 17 year-old rapper rose within the London alternative rap scene as Ghosttkidd, known for the standout underground hit “Lacking” and his outgoing and charming personality which was both a blessing and a curse. In the end, it turned out to be the latter, and since then Ghosttkidd has been dead and gone.

First of all, I do not support his previous actions but I do believe people, especially young people under the age of 21 can learn from their mistakes and make a change. The likes of Malcolm X, Jay Z and in recent years the late XXXTENTACION all made horrific mistakes as young men, but they all made a significant change to be better. Justnic’s return to music will most definitely raise eyebrows, but I’ve looked through his eyes and I’ve seen a misunderstood young man that has worked so hard on himself and also someone that loves everyone.

They say forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future, Justnic has picked a perfect time to make his return. Most of us are in lockdown and in great danger from COVID-19, now is the time to really show compassion for others, work on ourselves, plan our futures, take our physical and mental health seriously, we really need each other now and Justnic is also someone we need.

We had a chat about his past, his return, the changes he’s made and also his new release “Goofy (Freestyle)”, which we’re excited to premiere here on DiscoverNü. Read our conversation below:

In your comeback post, you mention depression. For someone your age, how did it feel like going through what you did?

It’s painful really. I’ve been depressed since I was 15 and I’ve learnt that it never goes away no matter how much you try to better yourself. There’s always an obstacle in the way and over time you begin to expect the worst wherever you go.

Do you feel like you deserved to go through that?

I don’t think anyone deserves to go through any type of pain or sadness. Even to my worst enemy, I wouldn’t wish it upon them. You’re confined to a dark space no matter how open you are in the world and it begins to crumble you from the inside.

Have you done any learning recently?

I’m beginning to find peace in myself whenever I feel anxious or paranoid. Self-control is important as well, It is something that I have learnt to do and successfully achieved in my absence from the spotlight.

What have you been doing these past few months?

Honestly, I’ve been going to college and keeping my head down. I’ve met some fellow creatives and have some plans to work together in the future. Other than that at home I’ve been at it writing whatever comes to my mind, booking studio sessions and recording anything I have finished on my notes.

What changes have you made to better yourself?

I’ve sat back and reflected a lot on what I had done in my life and what I want to do with my life. Some changes I’ve made are personal but going back to self-control and having more of a peace of mind whenever something goes wrong has helped me progress as a person. I’m becoming more of a serious person as the days go by as I’ve grown to see the world and other people more differently. Self-reflection and depression can change a man like that.

Do you believe people deserve a second chance in society? What are your thoughts on that?

This is a difficult question because I believe that if there was a mistake being done without the person’s own knowledge then they have the right to be told what was wrongfully done. If that person knew exactly what he was doing and continued to do said thing then that person does not deserve a second chance.

Fair. Do you consider yourself a good or bad person? 

I consider myself human. No one is truly good and no one is truly bad. I can bet you my life savings that the next person to claim to be good has done bad in their life and the one to claim to be bad has a good heart inside.

What message are you trying to convey as an artist now that you’ve rebranded yourself?

I’m just trying to share my experiences in life through my music. I wanna express my growth and evolution. From when I was GhosttKidd I was focused on bringing some sense of joy to my followers and my goal is still to do that. The other day a fan messaged me on Instagram being happy as hell because he saw that I was back and missed listening to my music because it was something that made him suppress his sadness. It made me smile because after that I kept getting messages of people missing me and saying how much they wanted new songs. The wait is over.

Tell me more about “Goofy”, what inspired it? Is this the style you’re going for now?

I wanted to make a goofy song that reflected what was going on in my head and around me. I looked for beats online, found SOGIMURA’s beat and straight away the hook appeared on my notebook. During my break, I was severely down and had urges to drown myself in anything that would take my pain away so I wrote about illusions and the happy effects from being intoxicated whilst also having a look at the bad effects. The lyrics are dark but the instrumental is upbeat which compliments each other very well in my opinion. As of writing this I already have a Goofy Part 2 ready for release but this isn’t the only style I’m going for, I have a lot of plans for the future that I’m eager to share with my followers.

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Photo Credit: Tyler Lovence.

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