Giudi Drops Hauntingly Beautiful New Single “Nobody”

Giudi drops hauntingly beautiful new single “Nobody” with a music video to accompany it.

As songs get shorter these days, many artists have developed a way to capture and hold a listeners attention in under three minutes, with either catchy melodies or a load of nonsense over a sure-fire production. Originally from Prague, Czech Republic and signed to London-based record label Minimal Surface, emerging talent Giudi has released her brand new single “Nobody”, a song that effortlessly combines trip hop, lo-fi and dream pop well, and also a song that’s worth a listen from start to finish despite being over four minutes long.

“Nobody” is a well-written and hauntingly beautiful song about the constant process of accepting yourself, the liberation from your physical body and moving your consciousness to higher levels. The song takes you on a euphoric journey as Giudi delivers a breathtaking and an unforgettable vocal performance with introspective lyricism. Press play.

“With my new music I want to bring a chill mood with a bit of self reflection. We all are passing  through a period that makes us have deeper thoughts about our existence, about our behaviour and its consequences. NoBody is about the lightness of being. The lyrics have a double meaning. “Nobody is home” – in the sense that your body is only the “container”, a shell for your spirit, which is immortal. Your true identity belongs to some other place, other “home”. In this meaning you perceive your inner-self”Giudi.

Stream “Nobody” below:

Watch the music video below:

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Photo Credit: Kateřina Koki9 Mlejnková

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