DWN2EARTH Unveils New Single “VACATION”

Atlanta-based artist DWN2EARTH unveils new single “VACATION”.

Atlanta is a city known for some of the best artists within music, and also a plethora of exciting emerging acts such as DWN2EARTH. The singer signed to Rostrum records, is a genre fluid artist known for creating acid-dipped R&B music infused with buoyant pop and soul. On his latest offering “VACATION”, he delivers a breathtaking vocal performance over a splendid production. The single is taken from his upcoming debut album ATLANTIS.

 “Where I come from, it can feel like there are a lot of restrictions. ATLANTIS has no confinement, no limitations. It’s a world where you can do what you want.” — DWN2EARTH.

Stream “VACATION” below:

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