Anuka Shares New Single “Rock Steady”

Dutch singer, songwriter and producer Anuka continues her consistent run of form with another solid effort.

As we’ve previously mentioned before, rising star Anuka is one of the most underrated artist around and her new single “Rock Steady” proves that.

“‘Rock Steady’ is an anthem for anyone that can use a little reminder of how epic they truly are. I used to be really tough on myself and therefore it was challenging to learn to show myself more appreciation. I decided to surround myself more with people and things that lift me up, instead of anything that puts me down. With this song I am breaking free from negative patterns and celebrate myself for the persistent, caring and hard-working friend, lover and artist that I am” Anuka.

“Rock Steady” has this alluring nostalgic R&B vibe that will be loved by fans of Destiny’s Child, Ashanti and the late Aaliyah. The single is the title song for her new 6 track EP. Press play.

Stream “Rock Steady” below:

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