Alone Architect Links Up With Roniit On New Single “Surreal”

Abstract electronic artist Alone Architect, born Jeff Feldman, returns with yet another collaboration featuring dark pop artist Roniit, on his new single “Surreal”.

Genre-busting artist Alone Architect is not afraid to explore and interweave nuances from various genres, into a sound that is distinctly his own, without compromise and without restriction. His new single “Surreal” is about expansion and unlocking one’s truest and highest self. Roniit’s breathtaking vocals shine over the dynamic production, at times giving you chills with its hauntingly beautiful vibes. Press play.

“I don’t really concern myself with genres.  I approach the writing and production process from a purely intuitive and emotional perspective, in the sense that I don’t overthink what I’m tapping into. My purpose as an artist, is to allow myself that sacred, safe space to explore whatever frequencies I tap into with the utmost of purity”Alone Architect.

Stream “Surreal” below:

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