5 New Artists We’re Excited About, 5 Underrated Projects + Predictions with A. SITE

5 New Artists We’re Excited About, 5 Underrated Projects + Predictions with A. SITE

We’re halfway through the year, and 2020 is already one of the most unpredictable years ever and we’re not even sure if things will ever be normal again, however what we do know is that we’ll always be able to consume new music. We recently sat down with our friends over at A. SITE to share 5 new artists we’re excited about, 5 underrated projects and predicting which artists we think will make a lot of noise within the next year.




Having just released his debut EP NRG 105, he brings introspective lyricism and his unique outlook to the UK rap scene; definitely strikes a chord, especially with the social issues happening within London itself.

Lili Caseley

With the new single “C’est La Vie” she brings all kinds of influences into the music and recently getting involved overseas with the Asian scene.

Balming Tiger

Exciting and high energy, there’s an aspect to their music which is difficult to put your finger on. There’s an artistry which is difficult to find elsewhere.

Scribz Riley

Having produced and written for many artists over the years such as Wiley and Cardi B, his single “Eastside” brings more to the rise of melodic rap.

Roy Juxon

There’s something interesting about his sound which could only be described as indie bounce. His new song “Love Me” is fun, catchy and very easy to listen to.


Lo Lauren

Although the London-based singer-songwriter is very new on the scene, her debut single “Just Friends” is outstanding and showcases her immense potential. We’re looking at a potential superstar with global appeal.


Bavé is another emerging act with the potential to be a superstar, the Swedish singer, songwriter and producer is a breath of fresh air in the music industry. If you’re a fan of the likes of Frank Ocean, Blood Orange and even Tame Impala, listen to this guy.

Tom Did It

Another fresh new act on the scene, 17 year-old artist Tom Did It is not only one of the best rising talents around but arguably the most marketable too. With two singles under his belt, he’s already caught the attention of labels in both the UK and US.


Hailing from Miami, Florida, producer-turned-rapper BEAM has the potential to be raps next superstar. What makes BEAM standout is his versatility, this guy sounds amazing on all types of music. Just listen to him on “Mumbai Power”, a collaboration with Skrillex.

Wesley Joseph

Like Bavé, the multi-talented Wesley Joseph is another breath of fresh air in the music industry, especially in the UK rap scene where the focus seems to be on UK drill right now. Lyrically superior than his peers, clever wordplay and he’s not a bad singer too.



RenzoBeige EP

Melodic and vivid; a mix of Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala. His music speaks volumes, taking its listeners to different dimensions with incredible production from One Eyed Soundz.

memory of janeNo Space Left/ Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Spacey and trippy, combining spoken word, melodic low tones and ambient tracking.

Parris — LivinNow, Vol. 1

A three track EP from various artists and released by its producer Parris. The mix of chill melodic rap to very delicate RnB gives the project a lot of flavour.

Various Artists A Dreamer’s Collection Vol. 1

The range of styles merges and connects to create a very solid vision for the Nü Collective. The fact that the proceeds went to charity during this time is an important message to support key workers.

All India Radio x Josh RoydhouseRealm

A soothing yet cinematic body of work which takes the listeners on a journey (to different realms as the title suggests). There’s versatility in that it is relaxing to listen to whether in the background or in concentration.


Derek PopeEpochs

Derek Pope’s music is out of this world, on Epochs he delivers another outstanding project filled with memorable songs built over some of the most impressive hard and ambient beats.


London-based rapper Mehki Raine (formerly known as Crooks) is quietly putting up great numbers thanks to his loyal fan base. MISERY LOVES COMPANY is a solid project that places him in his own lane here in the UK. The future is bright for this young man, who also happens to be friends with Billie Eilish.

Santino Le SaintRage of Angels

After announcing his mixtape in late 2019, London-based singer, songwriter and producer Santino Le Saint finally dropped his much anticipated project Rage of Angels in February 2020 to great acclaim.


Irish-Scottish duo SIIGHTS are criminally underrated in my opinion— their music is both captivating and has this amazing universal appeal. We really enjoyed listening to their EP.

Ayelle — NOMAD

Ayelle effortlessly infuses contemporary R&B and pop music on her mixtape NOMAD, one of the most underrated projects we’ve heard this year.




With a new take on R&B and an incredible voice, his team up with 88Rising seems to show that he is set to take on incredible heights within the continents.

The Riversiders

The indie rock band has a very new raw sound, mixing high and low tones to bring a new current bounce. With their steady releases and live shows it seems that their homegrown status can only get bigger.

Derek Pope

His releases are forward looking with image rich lyrics; and a tone which also allows it to fall into place with the current pace.

Blue Captive

With a unique spacey artistry the Australian singer has begun to explore deeper areas and with a new EP on the way it seems that we cannot help but connect with the substance behind his melodies.


Her sound continues to evolve and develop with international elements which shine through her sound.



Influenced by the likes of Bazzi, Alicia Keys, SZA and her big sister RAYE, emerging artist àB has the potential to be one of the biggest pop/R&B artist to come out of the UK. She has this infectious sound that she continues to develop, once it catches on she’ll be unstoppable.

Juice Menace

Cardiff rapper Juice Menace has already built a strong reputation for herself within the scene, she’s one of the best emerging rappers around and will be around for many years to come, so get used to her.


Infusing hip-hop and R&B to create captivating alternative/dark R&B hits, Shaker has already built a cult following. He’s without a doubt one of the most talented artists we’ve come across in the past few years. Expect him to do great things once this pandemic is over.

Eryn Martin

Canadian singer-songwriter Eryn Martin has been one of the most sought-after rising talents on the planet for a few years, and a few months ago she eventually got snapped up by Cinematic Music Group. Known for her captivating and trippy vibes over trap-infused beats and mesmerising hooks.


London-based rapper HEN$HAW has been patiently waiting for his chance to take his career to the next level after entering the scene back in December 2018. With his rapid-fire delivery, dynamic lyricism and sharp flow, the rising star is on the verge to become one of the most exciting rappers to come out of the UK in recent years.

Featured image: Mehki Raine

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