10 Dark R&B Acts You Should Listen To

Dark R&B is on the rise, and below are 10 artists within the subgenre making noise.

Inspired by The Weeknd’s earlier work, Dark R&B is a modern and electronic-centred type of R&B music that’s been on the rise in the past few years. Lyrics often explore themes of loss, heartbreak, substance abuse and angst built over atmospheric trap-infused beats where the performer often sings in a lower range. Many artists within the subgenre have already built a cult following despite not achieving much mainstream success. Tastemaker dynmk has been at the forefront of Dark R&B since its inception and has even inspired curators such as ourselves to showcase these amazing acts who create some of the most captivating music you’ll hear today.

Below is a list of 10 essential dark R&B acts you should listen to:


Eli Sostre

Always Never

Santino Le Saint


Teflon Sega



Black Atlass

Aaryan Shah

Honourable Mentions: 12AM, pre kai ro, SVN. The. Singer., Jordyne, Nylo, PLAZA, WIINSTON etc.

Featured Image: Zeina

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